Reaching The Level Of Art Has Been My Professional Credo. APTOS in Cyprus.

Reaching the level of art has been my professional credo in medicine since 1982, when, as a fourth-year medical student, I began my career in medicine. Regardless of the specialties I have tried, whether surgery, traumatology, gynecology, or obstetrics, I have found that myself – to reach a high level in medicine, medical knowledge, skills, and even experience are not enough. These three components are an important basis for training a craftsman in medicine, but not a doctor. Without in any way diminishing the important role of doctors, who faithfully and conscientiously fulfill their sacred duty every second of every day, around the clock, following the Hippocratic oath to provide medical assistance to people in need.

To reach the level of the art of healing means to create a unique system of all-encompassing care for man that leads to his healing and makes him happy. Of course, this system must be based first and foremost on the three main pillars of medicine: impeccable and profound knowledge, proven skills, and wise experience.

The uniqueness of the system of medicine in each medical speciality arises from a successful combination of many factors, from the psychological and volitional qualities of the doctor to the chance of circumstances – each of us is accompanied by a guiding star. Every doctor follows his or her star, achieves excellent results, and ensures success and recognition. Recognition not only from grateful patients but also from respectful colleagues. It is communication with worthy colleagues that motivates, develops, improves, and fills every doctor with strength and energy. Our guiding stars attract people like ourselves to us. This is how masterpieces of medicine are born.

One of these masterpieces of medicine is the thread reinforcement, lifting, and rejuvenation method called APTOS. “Similarity attracks similar…”

What do APTOS thread-lifting methods mean to me?

First of all, it is a method developed by doctors for doctors. It is a unique method that knows no limits in its development, and no restrictions in its application. It is a method without limits that opens up many possibilities for doctors to be creative in aesthetic medicine. This method can achieve results comparable to surgical treatment, but without risks, and trauma, with rapid recovery after the procedure and long-lasting results. Of course, the method has its indications and contraindications. With this method, the recommendations for the postoperative period must be observed.

These methods are the art of healing in aesthetic medicine. They require not only the knowledge, skills, experience, and commitment of the doctor but also the trust and participation of the patient.

It was a point of honor for me to represent APTOS in Cyprus, not only as a doctor, not only as a training coach but also as the exclusive distributor of this brand in Cyprus. An interesting fact is that Cyprus was the 50th country in the world where APTOS was officially represented. Since 2017, I have been the one who introduced APTOS Threading Methods in Cyprus. It has been intense years full of trials, challenges, and successes. I am really proud that I have been nicknamed “Dr APTOS” for these yearly successes. This fact motivated me to create a website with the same name:

Prof George Titovets and Mr. Christos Ladopoulos (right)
Mr. Christos Ladopoulos and of George Titovets (right)

In 2022, my team and I decided to focus on education, and medical practice, and to stop supplying, and directly selling APTOS products, of which there are now almost fifty items in total. I therefore suggested to my three friends, well-known aesthetic medicine providers in Cyprus, that they take over the distribution of the APTOS range of products from me. They were considered by the team APTOS in headquarters.

It was not easy, but the final choice came to Mr. Christos Ladopoulos, founder and CEO of ResultMed located in Nicosia. I am delighted that we can now continue to develop the distribution of the APTOS product range in Cyprus together with Mr. Christos Ladopoulos.

The ResultMed company is a family-run enterprise with a modern high-tech office in the heart of Nicosia, fully equipped for theoretical training, workshops, and masterclasses.

I greatly appreciate that Christ is harmoniously integrated into the larger APTOS family. Again – “…Similarity attracts similar…”

We are now even stronger and ready to confidently develop APTOS and Aesthetic Medicine in general, not only in Cyprus but also through the introduction of international training projects and the creation of platforms for the exchange of experiences.

ResultMed. The APTOS distributor in Cyprus

Health and Beauty meet Science and Technology! Our goal is to find advanced methods and innovative solutions of high efficiency to be used by specialized professionals for the treatment and management of all skin disorders and aesthetic body shaping…” – Christos Ladopoulos, CEO of ResulMed

Mr. Chistos Ladopoulos is an experienced Chief Executive Officer of the ResultMed company with a proven track record in the health, wellness, and medical industry and has been managing the company for nineteen years since 2005.

ResultMed is an innovative company offering reliable and safe medical aesthetics technology solutions. The company’s core values are KNOW-HOW, INNOVATION, EFFECTIVENESS, HUMAN APPROACH.

Why APTOS Tread-lifting?

There are several key features that are emphasised in terms of benefits and competitive advantages of the APTOS product:

  • First Thread Ever in the World
  • More than 25 Years of Experience
  • Best Composition of HA PDLLA CAPROLACTONE
  • Best Duration of the Effect within Absorbable Threads
  • Non-Traumatic Methods
  • Minimum Downtime
  • Minimum Risk of Complications
  • Maximum Lifting Affect that can be Achieved by the producers of the product using for the Non-Invasive purposes
  • Possibility to Cover All Zones on the Face with Less Cost

As absorbable threads dissolve naturally, the skin starts to produce more collagen which gives a longer-lasting result.

Over a period of time they improve skin tone, texture, colour and hydration.

ResultMed. Medical Aesthetic Equipment Distribution Worldwide

ResultMed is a leading provider of pharmaceutical products and cutting-edge technology specifically for skin specialists in the medical aesthetics industry.  With over 18 years of experience, ResultMed is committed to providing high-quality solutions that cater to the evolving needs of skin specialists and the aesthetic medicine field, empowering professionals to deliver exceptional care and achieve optimal results for their clientele.

ResultMed has a successful track record of exporting beauty equipment to more than five countries.

With a focus on innovation, training, and customer satisfaction, ResultMed is committed to advancing the practice of skincare and aesthetic treatments.

ResultMed is your Trusted Partner for Premium Aesthetic Solutions!

We are proud to be your go-to supplier for the finest brands in the industry,  specializing in a wide array of high-quality products. From medical aesthetics and skin specialists to spa and holistic, we bring you a comprehensive portfolio of products and tech equipment.

Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to sourcing only the best  sets us apart.

With ResultMed, you can be assured of premium products that meet the highest standards and deliver outstanding results across the board.

Besides APTOS ResultMed distributes products such as pHformula, Me line, K-surgery, and Vagheggi.

ResultMed is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution companies in Cyprus with a wide range of unique face and body beautification devices: Le Shape, iM-Fit, HIFU D.O.T LIFT, Lipo Synergy, iD Hair, Apilus, and more.

Please get in touch with us in case any questions or queries:

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