Correction of lip shape and wrinkles around the mouth with APTOS threads

The lower third of the face is the area where facial expressions are the most active. During the expression of any emotion, it is in this area where the greatest number of muscles is engaged. Therefore, over time and under the influence of gravity, age-related changes inexorably make themselves felt. Soft tissue retraction (ptosis), deep wrinkles, and fine lines around the mouth (perioral folds) gradually become more prominent, accentuating age and giving the face a tired look. Risk factors also include excessive weight loss, smoking, natural hypertonicity of the circular muscles, and sensitive, thin skin.

But most often with the problem of correcting this area and eliminating perioral wrinkles, women and men turn to cosmetologists over the age of 40, when the problems are most pronounced. There are several varieties of such persistent skin deformities:

  • Perioral (plissé, aka kissette);
  • At the corners of the mouth;
  • Transverse wrinkles on the chin;
  • “puppet wrinkles”

Effective and long-term elimination of such problems has long been impossible without the use of drastic measures, such as for example, plastic surgery. But modern medicine offers more and more advanced technologies that allow achieving the maximum effect, but at the same time without much time and money. One of these methods is tightening with APTOS threads.

APTOS threads for contour correction, lip volume, and wrinkles around the mouth

Perioral facial thread elevator is essentially a correction of shape, volume, and elimination of existing wrinkles using a minimally invasive method. Thanks to minimal traumatic effect (the procedure is carried out through micro punctures) and the absence of general anesthesia it is possible not only to achieve the desired aesthetic result but also to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of severe complications and a long rehabilitation period after surgery.

Innovative advanced series of the latest generation of APTOS threads allow microscopic precision introduction and fixation of the thread so as to form the desired shape, to give a clear and smooth line without traumatizing the nerve endings in this particularly sensitive area.

Several types of absorbable sutures are used for the procedure:

  • Nano Spring is a twisted, “spring-loaded” thread that spreads out wrinkles and restores skin elasticity.
  • Nano Vitis is a twin yarn with a braid-like weave. During the first weeks, the fibers increase in volume and thus straighten the creases.
  • Aptos Wire is a more radical method of rejuvenation that involves careful sequential stratification of the dermis using a “wire scalpel” to eliminate transverse wrinkles on the chin. After the procedure, a few subtle punctures are left on the skin, which heals without a trace in a few days.

All sutures are made of hypoallergenic materials and have in their composition polylactic acid, which activates the processes of biological restoration of the skin at the cellular level, forming a natural reinforcing structure.

It is extremely important to perform a thread elevator procedure with specialists who are certified and have confirmed their qualifications. It is the literate definition of the problem and the degree of its severity, the selection of an appropriate method of correction in each case, and the correct introduction of the thread that can guarantee optimum results and lack of side effects in the form of permeation of the thread, the manifestation of bruising, inflammation, or even the appearance of pain.

To get the best results in correcting the shape of the lips and wrinkles around the mouth APTOS thread techniques can be combined with injectable or laser technology. This will enhance and extend the results achieved. The selection of a combination of methods in each case is strictly determined by the doctor.

Wrinkles lifting around the mouth with APTOS threads before and after examples with photos

Results of APTOS threads application

  • Lip reshaping and volumizing
  • Correction of lines and wrinkles
  • Corner wrinkles and “marionette wrinkles” removal
  • Removal of transverse wrinkles on the chin
  • Improvement of skin quality and hydration.

You can get a consultation with a qualified doctor or make an appointment for a procedure of thread lifting and ask any questions in one of the APTOS-certified clinics. In addition, everyone can apply and become a model in the training courses of the thread manufacturer.

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