APTOS thread body lifting


APTOS thread body lifting: abdominal area, inner thigh, shoulder, décolleté, knees and hands areas.

Smoothing of abdominal folds

Whether you want to remove tummy lines, cellulite or stretch marks or are tired of fighting the effects of pregnancy with cosmetics, there is a solution. The universal thread lifting technique helps to eliminate all these problems, tighten sagging skin and achieve a wow effect with firm, elastic skin. After the procedure, there is no swelling, just renewed skin with no visible signs of ageing.

Smoothing the folds of the inner thigh

Sudden weight loss, an unbalanced or strict diet, sun exposure or insufficient fluid intake can cause the skin to become flabby and loose.

The inner thigh is a particularly immobile area that requires gruelling gym sessions, but this is no panacea. With the APTOS thread lifting, you can not only correct skin irregularities, but also give the skin elasticity through a special strengthening effect, without much effort and a long rehabilitation period.

Smoothing the folds of the inner surface of the shoulder

Sagging skin of the inner shoulder is a common problem for both women and men because age-related changes lead to a lack of proteins in the body, and the harmful effects of UV radiation and insufficient exercise contribute to flabbiness and sagging.

The unique invention of APTOS increases the holding power of soft tissues, and with the help of special threads that dissolve, leaving all the useful elements, provoke the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin, making the skin taut and elastic.

Smoothing neck and décolleté folds

The décolleté and neck area is one of the most revealing areas of a woman’s age, which is why caring for these areas is both necessary and difficult. The sensitivity of the skin in the décolleté and neck area makes it impossible to use hardware techniques, and modern injection methods of mesotherapy and bio revitalisation are not as effective.

With the help of reliable, but non-traumatic fixation, APTOS thread technology will make you forget about wrinkles or irregularities in the décolleté and neck area for a long period of time.

Smoothing wrinkles in the knees and hands

Lift and correct the knees and hands with APTOS thread lifting. Excessive fat deposits, rough skin and darkening of these areas make them aesthetically unattractive, and excessive accumulation of adipose tissue distorts the shape of the legs.

APTOS thread technology will solve this problem, as the technique of reliable fixation visually rejuvenates the areas, and the result is visible immediately after the procedure.

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APTOS thread body lifting
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