Aptos Thread Lifting Information (FAQ)

About Aptos Thead Lifting

As the original inventor of the suspension thread, Aptos leads the way in non-surgical thread lifting, offering innovative solutions for rejuvenation, and achieving a more youthful appearance with minimal invasiveness. With over 26 years of experience at the forefront, Aptos specializes in the use of specially designed suspension threads meticulously inserted into soft tissue layers of face and body to lift and tighten the skin. This approach not only stimulates collagen production but also enhances various aspects of skin appearance. Aptos threads are renowned for their quality, biocompatibility and long-lasting effect. Unlike many other thread types, Aptos threads have superior longevity ensuring that the benefits of the thread lift will continue for years to come.

What is an Aptos thread lifting, and what can it achieve?

Aptos thread lifting is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that provides an immediate lifting, tightens saggy skin, smoothens wrinkles, and enhances skin tone, texture, and color. It stimulates collagen production and offers natural, long-lasting results that are visible immediately, and can continue to improve over many months. The Aptos threads have demonstrated superior, long-lasting effects compared to other threads types.

How does a thread Lifting work?

Thin cannulas with preloaded threads are gently inserted into the soft tissue to lift the skin without cutting or scarring. These absorbable threads dissolve within 18-24 months, creating collagen scaffolding for long-tasting lift and improved skin quality.

Are Aptos threads differ from other types of threads?

As leader in the thread lifting field, Aptos offers a wide range of lifting threads. Aptos-accredited Doctors are professionally trained in application of Aptos threads, ensuring the best possible outcomes. The Aptos threads are distinguished by their quality and unique composition, stimulating collagen, and elastic production, providing a long-lasting lifting effect.

What sets Aptos apart as a premium thread Lifting option?

The Aptos threads and methods have proven to be safe and effective ensuring a longer-lasting lifting compared to other types of threads. Aptos is internationally recognized as the world leader in thread lifting methods with over 26 years of experience producing premium quality threadsю

What are the advantages of choosing Aptos for a thread lifting?

The Aptos thread lifting offers a double effect: it combines an immediate lifting with a long-lasting rejuvenating effect by promoting collagen restoration. There is no scarring, recovery time is minimal and the procedure only takes 30-45 minutes. The results last up to two years.

What is the recovery process after an Aptos thread lifting, and are there any side effects?

After the Aptos thread lifting, the recovery process typically involves minimal downtime. Most patients can resume their normal social activities within a few days. It’s common to experience some local discomfort, light pain, or occasional bruising and swelling, but these effects are manageable. Oral analgesics can help alleviate any discomfort. It’s recommended to use cold compresses for the first two hours after the procedure to reduce swelling. Prof George Titovets as your Doctor will provide guidance on post-procedure care to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Can Aptos thread lifting be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, the Aptos thread lifting can be combined with other treatments like Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, and laser therapy for enhanced and long-lasting results. The timing of combined procedures can be discussed with the Prof George Titovets.

What is the cost of the Aptos thread lifting, and is it can be covered by insurance?

The cost of the Aptos thread lifting can vary depending on the specific treatment area, and the number of threads used. Patients are very welcomed to get in touch with Prof George Titovets to be further advised for detailed pricing information. Generally, thread lifting procedures are considered elective and cosmetic, so they are typically are not covered by health insurance. In exceptional cases where medical necessity is established, patients are advised to consult their insurance provider.

Are there any special post-procedure care instructions or activity restrictions after an Aptos thread lifting?

After an Aptos thread lifting, patients are usually advised to avoid strenuous physical activities for a short period, typically from a few days to a week, to minimize the risk of discomfort or complications. It is important for patients to follow the specific post-procedure care instructions provided by Prof George Titovets, including any recommendations for skincare or the use of cold compresses. The doctor will offer guidance tailored to the individual needs, and the treated areas.

What areas can be treated with an Aptos thread lifting?

Aptos thread lifting can successfully address various areas, including sagging cheeks, brows, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, lips, neck, and body. The thread Lift may also correct facial asymmetry, fine tines and wrinkles.

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