Hello “The Almond Eyes”, “The Fox Eyes” Goodbye!

A new approach for reshaping eyes

The eyes and the periorbital area, in general, are an important part of the appearance of the face and

the overall image.

One of the frequent aesthetic problems in this area are:

  • Fallen and low-setting eyebrows,
  • Sagging and excess skin of the upper eyelid, 3) down outer position corner of the eye.

All these changes create a look:

  • Fatigue,
  • Sadness,
  • More age.

One of the minimally invasive methods used since about 2015 is the thread lift, in which the procedure was carried out:

  • We are lifting the lateral part of the upper eyelid due to the straightening and lifting of the distal section and the tip of the eyebrow.

This method was called "fox eyes" or "cat eyes".

However, due to the procedure, an acute angle is formed between the eyebrow and the long eye lines.

This “angle of aggression” creates the “predatory” facial expression and a guarded look.

We set a goal to create a new, aesthetically pleasing eyebrow lifting.

We have developed a new method of eyebrow lifting, which makes it possible to create:

  • Peaceful facial expression with an intriguing and attention-grabbing look.

We named these eyes and eyebrows thread lifting – “Almond Eyes”:

  • We have carried out procedures and tested the duration of the lifting effect on many patients.
  • The age of our patients ranged from 22 to 68 years.
  • Any adverse reaction, side effects, or complications didn't register.
  • Our clinical cases show a significant effect lasting 2 – 2.5 years (we started using this approach 2.5

years ago).

The positive and long-lasting result gives us the opportunity to:

  • Use this method in clinical practice,
  • Report about this method at the Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine,
  • Teach this method to doctors working with thread lifting technologies in aesthetic medicine.

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Hello Almond Eyes
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