16th International Caucasian Congress Kolkhida 2022

The 16th International Caucasus Congress KOLKHIDA 2022 was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 1 to 3 July 2022.
This world-renowned and prestigious congress was dedicated to the following specialties and trends in modern medicine:

  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cosmetology-Dermatology
  • Anti-Age Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery

The congress was held in a hybrid format and brought together more than 1000 participants and about 3000 online visitors.


Without exaggeration, this great celebration of youth and beauty took place in one of the most presentable hotels in Tbilisi – the Radisson Blu Iveria Tbilisi (@radissonbluiveria). Up to five rooms were provided for all congress participants.
The dinners for the Kolkhida participants and the main event – the gala dinner – took place in the most beautiful parts of Georgia, in restaurants with international names.

Inventor of APTOS – Academician Marlen Sulamanidze

The congress didn’t only last three days. It was prepared and accompanied by intensive training of the world’s most renowned speakers and of course the Sudamanidze family – academician and inventor of APTOS Dr. Marlen Sudamanidze, Dr. George Sulamanidze (@aptosgeo), Dr. Albina Kajaia (@albinaaptos), Dr. Konstantin Sulamanidze (@drkote).

The scientific committee included Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze, Dr. Albina Kajaia, Dr. Iva Kudzanov, Dr. Bernard Mole, Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, and Dr. Christopher Rawland Payne. The number of speakers is 58.
During the congress, participants could familiarise themselves with the presented exhibition. It presented the most popular innovative medicines and devices that are number one in the world today.

APTOS (@aptos), Hyalual (@hyalual.world), Allergan Aesthetics (@allerganaesthetics), and JeuDerm (@jeuderm) were presented among the other brands.

We were honored to be part of such an important event in the world of Aesthetic Medicine. Professor Yuriy Titovets was the speaker and presented his topics.

Prof. Yuriy Titovets: Hello “The Almond Eyes”, “The Fox Eyes” – Goodbye!

Hello “The Almond Eyes”, “The Fox Eyes” – Goodbye!
A new approach to simultaneously tightening the eyebrow, upper eyelid, and lateral corner of the eye

Stress urinary incontinence: Why PLLA/CL stitches are the best treatment.
A problem that plagues one in two women during their lifetime.

These topics created a storm of discussion and interest and underlined the professor as an expert of the highest calibre. It’s a unique experience to learn from top experts in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology.
We learned a lot of new things about Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology and met our dear colleagues and friends worldwide.
Now let’s move on to the extensive program of the congress

Yuriy Titovets-dr-aptos-kolhida-4-dr-Ayman-Elmeligy-f
Professor Yuriy Titovets and Prof. Ayman Elmeligy

The first day of the Congress:

The first day began with the Welcome Speech by George Sumanidze and Albina Kajaia, Marlen Sulamanidze, Nazim Cerkes.

In their speeches, the congress hosts told how happy they were to see every participant and speaker.

Further, the program consisted of Sessions: Anatomy Session, Botulinum Toxin Session, Allergan symposium, ISAPS Symposium, IPSN Symposium, Sponsored Satellite, APTOS Satellite.

We’ve heard amazing cutting-edge presentations from some of the world’s most incredible doctors: Matt Stefanelli (@drmattptefanelli), Mario Goisis (@mariogoisis), Sebastian Cotofana (@professorsebastiancotofana), Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda (@redkaswoboda), George Sulamanidze, Konstantin Sulamanidze, Murat Tsintsadze (@dr.muratts), Mariam Tsivtsivatze (@mariam_tsivtsivatzee), Yuriy Titvots (@drtitovets), Yap Hong Keong, Haidar Algousous (@drhaidaralgousous), Ayman Elmeligy, Jamal Jomah (@drjamaljomah).

For lectures, presentations, and practical training, the organizers invited 58 world-famous doctors as faculty. We рad the honor to participate in such an important event in the world of aesthetic medicine. Professor Yuriy Titovets was also the Faculty and presented the following topics:

Yuriy Titovets-dr-aptos-kolhida-4-dr-korine-papikyan
Professor Yuriy-Titovets and Dr. Korine Papikyan
  • The applied anatomical structure is the key to success in Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Use of botulinum toxin – non-classical features of use or how to achieve an important effect only with botulinum toxin.
  • Side effects and pathologies as an important component of medical practice.

And many others.

Common topics such as rhinoplasty, buttock augmentation, lipo contouring, and others were also considered.

An important part of the first day of the congress was the presentation of APTOS methods.

Second day of the Congress:

It is fantastic to learn how bright the world of science is during the second day of the congress. Such a variety of topics and sessions: IMCAS Session, Contour Plastic Session, Combined Methods Session.

All doctors dream of learning from leading specialists: Patrick Treacy (@ptreacy), Benjamin Ascher (@drbenjaminascher), Sabuhi Abilov (@dr.sabuhi_abilov), Hussein Abou-Khalid (@dr.hussein.aboukhalid), Natalia Markova (@nataliamarkova_), Liliana Sytnyk (@healthy_cosmetology).

Professor Yuriy Titovets: Hello “The Almond Eyes”, “The Fox Eyes” – Goodbye!

This is just a discovery in the field of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine. Each topic deserves separate attention. The fight against pigmentation and post-acne, scars and retractions, eyebrow lifting, lifting of the mental and submental area, rhinoplasty, lip contouring, and the entire range of scientific and research works in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology and dermatology.

Third day of the Congress:

All the stars gathered in one hall thanks to the Kolkhida 2022 congress. They shared their secrets about the facial, body, and intimate gynecology procedures.

Mario Goisis told and taught doctors from all over the world about the combined method of lifting. These discoveries will make each of our patients incredible in one procedure for a long period.

Tinatin Tomadze @drtinatintomadze revealed the secrets of intimate plastic surgery with APTOS thread lifting.

Great APTOS “family”

Of course, a separate session on intimate gynecology wasn’t to be missed. Dr. Yuriy Titovets impressed everyone with his talk on stress urinary incontinence. After all, this is such an important and widespread topic nowadays.
During the congress, participants could familiarise themselves with the presented exhibition. It presented the most popular innovative medicines and devices that are number one in the world today. There are APTOS (@aptos), Hyalual (@hyalual.world), Allergan Aesthetics (@allerganaesthetics), JeuDerm (@jeuderm) were also presented among them.
Many training sessions were also held in Kolkhida. They took place both at the Radisson Hotel and at the Total Charm Tbilisi Clinic (@total¬_charm_georgia). After all, there’s no way for a doctor to practice aesthetic medicine without practice. For 10-12 hours, the doctors were in the operating theatres, watching step-by-step demonstrations by the stars in the field of Aesthetic Gynaecology.

Kolkhida 2022 – more than 1000 delegates, speakers, and exhibitors from all over the world!

Dr. George Sulamanidze from Georgia, Tbilisi

We collect more than 600 doctors from more than 50 countries
all over the world. We do it every year in Tbilisi

M.D. PhD George M. Sulamanidze, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist.

  • Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • Member of American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) (@aptosgeo)

Dr. Matt Stefanelli from Paris, France

Dr. Matt Stefanelli-
Three parts draw me back to Kolkhida again and again:
·         The science-fiction part is hard to imagine.
·         A great social program from around the world.
·         The boundless beauty of Tbilisi can rarely be seen anywhere»
  • Double French & European board-certified Plastic,
  • Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon
  • Member of the French College of Plastic Surgery (CFCPRE) & the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) (@drmattptefanelli)

Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne from London, UK

At Kolkhida, we can hear what’s happening in the world,
from fillers to threads»

Consultant Dermatologist at Dr. Rowland Payne Dermatology Ltd, London, UK

Dr. Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz from Paris, France

It is a great pleasure to be a part of Kolkhida 2022»
  • Clinical Director Equipment Aesthetics, Sydney AUSTRALIA;
  • Global Medical Trainer Dermapenworld, Paris FRANCE;
  • Director, Lipservice Consulting, Paris FRANCE

Dr. Ayman Elmeligy from Manama, Bahrain

I am very happy to be here and to do a big part
as the President of the International society
of plastic surgery (ISAPS) at Kolkhida»
  • Associate professor of Plastic Surgery at Clinica Joelle, Riyadh, KSA
  • Vice President of Interactive Plastic Surgery Network society (IPSN)
  • Consultant plastic surgeon, Founder, and Co-owner of Beverly Hills plastic surgery Centre.

Professor Yuriy Titovets – “Doctor Aptos”, Cyprus

This is a unique scientific and practical platform in the world of aesthetic medicine, based on the principle: “Doctor to Doctor”. This congress provides ample opportunity to learn new trends, exchange experiences, and create new concepts and projects.

Thank you for being with us!

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International Congress Kolkhida 2022
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