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Treatment of partial (stress) urinary incontinence

The problem of partial (stress) urinary incontinence is a widespread and underestimated problem of women of all ages, making us ashamed, embarrassed, and for fear of ignoring the problem. This problem is most often observed in women after traumatic childbirth and over 40 years. What provokes a decrease in muscle tone of the urethral sphincter? This is primarily a hormonal disorder. Decreased production of estrogen, which is responsible for tissue elasticity and smooth muscle activity, leads to involuntary leakage of urine, first with light exertion, sneezing, then – lifting weights, changing body position, and unpleasant sensations during sexTreatment of partial urinary incontinence is possible without surgery and hazardous medications. APTOS thread correction will help to solve this problem quickly and painlessly. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the treatment is entirely painless and carefree, lasting 20 minutes. APTOS method of treatment of partial (stress) urinary incontinence allows you to instantly get a positive result.

Vaginal narrowing or vaginoplasty

Intimate aesthetics in modern life plays an important role for both women and men. However, frequent discomfort and pain during sex, decreased or no libido in women do not give full pleasure. These problems have various causes, including traumatic births with ruptures and weakening of the vaginal musclesAge-related hormonal changes also play an important role, as lowering estrogen levels leads to decreased vaginal muscle tone and loss of vaginal wall elasticity. As a result, there is a decrease or loss of sensitivity during sex. To solve these problems, to narrow the walls of the vaginaenhance sexual sensationsenhance the feminine feeling, and increase the G-spot, we use APTOS thread lifting for intimate aesthetics with instant results, no injuries, and minimal rehabilitation period.

Narrowing of the entrance to the vagina and perineoplasty

Thanks to the latest approaches in aesthetic gynecology and the involvement of leading specialists and international experts in this field, we give external attractiveness and perfect contours of the face and body and non-surgical rejuvenation of intimate areas. Thanks to APTOS filamentous perineoplasty, miracles happen in aesthetic gynecology, and sex life becomes full and unforgettable. No surgery or contouring gives such a result. In our Clinic, we use APTOS thread lifting for intimate aesthetics. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, completely painless and safe, which provides an instant result. The effect is guaranteed!

Correction of external labia

Correction of the external labia with the help of APTOS thread technologies allows adjusting the external genitalia to restore their aesthetic appeal and improve the quality of intimate life. The technique will enable you to change the size and shape of the labia, if necessary – to restore their symmetry. At the same time, during the post-procedure period, intimate whitening is observed, i.e., lightening of the pigmentation of the labia, and wrinkles on the labia are smoothed, providing an aesthetic and attractive appearance to the bikini area.

Rejuvenation and lifting of the vulvar area (bikini area)

In cases where a woman’s intimate attractiveness decreases, this is accompanied by decreased libido, psychological discomfort during sex, low self-esteem, discomfort, and pain during sex. An effective method for rejuvenating and lifting the vulvar area is APTOS thread technology for aesthetic gynecology, which will help correct the effects of traumatic childbirthgaping, genital changes associated with decreased tissue elasticity, loss of labia, and more. Innovative non-surgical methods of treating sexual disorders in women – thread technologies APTOS, which have successfully proven themselves in aesthetic gynecology, are atraumatic, completely painless, safe, and provide a long-lasting effect.

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Intimate Aesthetics by Prof. Titovets
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